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Ida Nudel - a record with a dedication and her signature

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Ida Nudel - a record with a dedication and her signature

Shalom Ida Nudel' - a record with recorded transcripts dealing with the support of the prisoner of Zion in the Soviet Union Ida Nudel with a dedication and signature of Nudel: "Dear Fanny with all my love I. Noodle". Published by "Israeli women of  for Ida Nudel" the. 70's.

Ida Nudel [1931 - September 14, 2021) who passed away last month. Was a prisoner of Zion in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s, and one of the symbols of the struggle for the immigration of Soviet Jews. Nudel, who fought for human rights in the Soviet Union, took part in a rebellious activity following the attempted hijacking of the civilian plane by a group of people who refused to immigrate. In the summer of 1972, Nudel organized a hunger strike in the Central Office of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, in protest of the arrest of Prisoner of Zion Vladimir Markman. And throughout the 1970s she took part in various anti-government uprising activities, until in 1978, she was sentenced in a closed-door trial to four years of hard exile in the village of Kribosheino. After four years she was released from prison but was denied a residence permit in Moscow. Although she officially finished serving her sentence, the authorities continued to harass her. She tried to settle in various places throughout the Soviet Union. But she was repeatedly told that she was not allowed to live where she had chosen, and she was forced to wander for eight months. After exile in the Soviet Union and countless attempts to leave, on October 15, 1987, Nudel was released and immigrated to Israel when she was 56, and about 16 years after applying for the original visa. Since immigrating to Israel, Nudel has been a symbol of the struggle for the immigration of Jews from the Soviet Union, and has participated in various activities to promote the education of immigrant children from Russia.

Side A Hebrew, side B English. The audio quality of the record has not been tested. The condition of the cover is very good.