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The auction house was established following the movement throughout the country and the whole world to purchase, preserve and cultivate rare and important collectibles by individuals and public institutions engaged in preserving Jewish history for its departments.
We are dealing with a wide range of fields that encompass the Jewish and Israeli experience: manuscripts, books from the early days of Hebrew printing, the history of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora, Zionism and Israeli Collectibles, Holocaust and anti-Semitism, letters of rabbis and Admorim, Jewish art, maps, lithographs and etchings, and more.
We add that out of interest in the world of private collection we are also dealing with special items of importance and historical interest worldwide which are not necessarily with Jewish connection.
The auction house offers rare and interesting items, valuing and selling individual items, large collections, and estates, encouraging and creating strong traffic between sellers and buyers in the private collection world, and the institutional preservation that has been growing in recent years.
In the course of time the work of collecting becomes increasingly difficult. Many unique objects were destroyed in the terrible Holocaust and Jewish communities that had been rooted for generations were uprooted or destroyed. Europe was almost completely emptied of its Jewish treasures. (Artworks and cultural assets were plundered in Europe systematically and at an unprecedented scale from the rise of the Nazi regime to power in 1933 until the end of World War II.) Hundreds of thousands of objects were illegally taken, sometimes from their legal owners - victims of the Holocaust. Many of the surviving items, however, were purchased over time by museums and important institutions throughout the country and the world. As the years pass, the number of treasures that can be purchased is reduced and and on the other hand the number of buyers is increasing. The many forgerys that flood the market also do not make the collection work easier.
However, from our experience, we believe that there is a wide field of action for the person who sets himself a goal, who is gifted with a watchful and a discerning eye , discovering rare and precious items that, despite their rare And it's hard to find, can still be found and sometimes even more easily than imaginable.

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DYNASTY - Auction 2

Tuesday, 30.7.19
Eretz Israel, settlement, anti-Semitism, Holocaust and She'erit Ha-Pleita, postcards and photographs, letters by rabbis and rebbes, Judaica, and more
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DYNASTY - Auction 1

Tuesday, 14.5.19
Eretz Israel, settlement, anti-Semitism, Holocaust and She'erit Ha-Pleita, postcards and photographs, posters, lithographs, etchings, objects, Seforim, Chabad, letters of rabbis, manuscripts and more.