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Oct 18, 2021
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The Tell el-Amarna tablets. The British Museum, 1892

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The Tell el-Amarna tablets. The British Museum, 1892

The Tell el-Amarna tablets: in the British Museum; with autotype facsimiles. A unique book published by the British Museum in 1892 about the material tablets found in Egypt in 1887. Deciphering the peg letter on them, and 24 plates - color photographs of the plates themselves. Luxurious edition printed on thick, fine paper. Rare, and important.

In 1887, hundreds of unburned slabs written in the Akkadian cuneiform were discovered in Egypt, at Tel al-Amarna. The site served as the capital of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV - known as Ahnathon, in the years 1345-1362 BC, i.e. for only 17 years. The city was built and dedicated to the worship of Aton. It was built within two years, and abandoned at once, with the death of the king, and the certificates found in it belong to the limited and particular period of its existence. A total of 379 tablets were found. The names of the cities and governors mentioned in the documents are familiar names from the Bible and ancient external documents. el-Amarna letters contribute greatly to the history of the land of Canaan in the 14th century BC Egyptian central government, ways of collecting taxes, securing trade routes, control of administrative centers, mutual wars, fighting enemy tribes from the deserts, loyal declarations of the Hussels, local crises, conflicts and alliances. Al Amarna's letters are also a first-rate source for understanding religious and cultural life, and for studying the language of the period in Canaan and its neighbors. They show the mutual influences of the different peoples in all areas of life. Location of the city of Amarna: between Upper Egypt in the south, and Lower Egypt, in the north; Halfway between Nu-Amon and Muff.

XCIV, 157, 24 tablets. 29 cm. Slight stains on some of the leaves. Good condition.