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LOT 11:

"Society of the Settlement of the Land" - a confidential document concerning the foundation of the "Yishuv HaAretz ...

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"Society of the Settlement of the Land" - a confidential document concerning the foundation of the "Yishuv HaAretz Society" - signatures of the Yishuv leaders

"The consent of the members of the committee regarding the settlement of the land on the third day of Marcheshon, 1883'. Early document - single leaf.

"For the purpose of the hour, we joined together, the undersigned, to the company whose purpose is to deal with the settlement of the country, But we want modesty...  and a lot of disruption of the noise and advertising does therefore we did not say in our open letter that we were a company'.

An important and unknown document with nine principles of the "Yishuv Eretz Israel" regarding the purchase of land for the expansion of the settlement of the Land of Israel. The document is signed by the great fathers of the The Jewish Yishuv in Palestine: Rabbi Yisrael Halevy Horowitz, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Frumkin, Yoel Moshe Solomon (both of the founders of Petah Tikva), Rabbi Yehiel Michal Pines, and David Meir Gutman.

The company that was founded for the purpose of expanding the Yishuv of Eretz Israel was headed by Rabbi Shmuel Salant (section 2) and the management positions were divided among its members. The purpose of the company was to buy land that is not inhabited as it appears in section 4: 'All our possessions we will have a total of nine thousand Ruble cash ... buy and sell and go back and buy for all the people who desire it ...' We must enter into negotiations only with those who observe the Torah: "And also that all the winners of the land that they buy through the company are obligated to take upon themselves the observance of mitzvot that depend on the land. And to act like the principles of Judaism like the rest of the faithful of Israel ... '.

[1] leaf. 27x22 cm. Very fine condition.

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