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LOT 7:

Letter from the 37th President of the United States Richard Nixon, October 1959

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Letter signed by US President Richard Nixon October 2, 1959.

In his letter, Nixon thanks Mr. Cendels for the time, assistance and generosity he gave him behind the scenes at the press conference at Schine Airport. And also on behalf of his wife.

At public events, Nixon was a master in dealing with various audiences, even those who were hostile to him. About a year earlier Nixon and his wife went on a goodwill tour of South America. The journey was routine until Nixon and his escorts arrived in Lima, the capital of Peru, where he met with protesting students. Nixon went to the campus, got out of his car to confront the students, and stayed there until he had to return to the car after a barrage of objects thrown at him. In the hotel where he was staying, Nixon faced another mob, and one of the protesters even spit on him. In Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, Nixon and his wife were in turmoil with anti-American protesters and their limousine was attacked by an angry mob. According to biographer Ambrose, Nixon's brave demeanor "caused even his most bitter enemies to respect him."

Richard Milhauz Nixon [1913-1994] The 37th President of the United States, 1969-1974. Became the first and only American president to resign following Watergate. A number of historical achievements are registered in his name: Nixon was the president who ended the Vietnam War in 1973 and also the compulsory military service of the United States Army. His visit to the People's Republic of China in 1972 eventually led to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries after decades of disconnection and hostility. In the Israeli context, he ordered the shipment of an airlift of military equipment and ammunition to assist Israel in the Yom Kippur War and removed Egypt from the Soviet sphere of influence.

[1] Official sheet of paper 23x18 cm. Attached is the original clipping envelope, in which the letter was sent with an additional signature of Nixon. The letter attached to a hard sheet for safekeeping.

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