Auction 24 Auction No. 24 A special auction of Judaica details and rare and important Hasidic books from a private collection
Wednesday, 31.7.19 (Your local time)
 Harav Kook Street 10 Bnei Brak

Auction no. 24

Will take place on Wednesday 28 Tamuz 5769 

31 July. 2019 

In the Achim Center of Rabbi Akiva st. 86, Bnei Brak 

At 20:00 Israel time  

The auction has ended

LOT 018:

Bechinat Olam, bound together with the book Sha’ar HaShamayim—Zolkva 1805.

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Start price:
$ 120
Auction house commission: 20%
VAT: On commission only

With a bakasha from Rabbeinu Yedaya HaPnini, with translation to Yiddish—Levush 1805. 75 [originally 76] pages. Partially missing copy, missing pages 10, 11, 76. Bound together with Sha’ar HaShamayim, on the soul and the resurrection by Rabbi Gershon bar Shlomo, father of the Ralbag—Zolkva 1805. [1], 95 [originally 96] pages. The last page is missing. Various signatures of ownership, among them: Rabbi Shmuel Simcha Shov of Rakov [perhaps the father-in-law of the Admor Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kosov, the Ahavat Shalom—father of the Vizhnitz dynasty]. Tears and stains, no binding, pages disconnected. Generally bad to ok condition.

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