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MaHaRSH"A! Chidushim M’Maseches Yom Tov U’Maseches Yevamos. First Edition. Basel 1599. מהרש”א. חידושים ממסכת יום ...

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MaHaRSH"A! Chidushim M’Maseches Yom Tov U’Maseches Yevamos. First Edition. Basel 1599. מהרש”א. חידושים ממסכת יום טוב ומסכת יבמות. מהדורה ראשונה. באזל שנ”ט (1599).
First Sefer printed by the MaHaRSH”A! Published Anonymously!
First edition of the classic commentary on the Talmud by R. Shmuel Eidels, known by the acronym MaHaRSH”A. Includes novella on Masechtos Beitzah and Yevamos, as well some novella of R. Baruch of Mayence, the author of the Sefer Ha’Trumos, on the second chapter of Bava Basra.
His commentary is split into “Chidushei Halachos” which is an incisive and keenly analytical commentary on the Gemora, Rashi and Tosfos, and with a focus on Tosfos. This was based on the MaHaRSHA’s shiurim delivered in his Yeshiva. Shunning prestige he published them anonymously. This commentary was quickly accepted and included in almost all subsequent editions of the Talmud. The MaHaRSH”A also wrote an extensive commentary on the “Agados” of the Talmud known as the Chidushei Agados reflecting a wide knowledge of Kabbalah.
R. Shmuel Eidels (1555-1631), was born in Cracow, Poland. His father R. Yehuda, was a well-known Talmid Chochom and both parents were descendants of rabbinic families, his mother Gittel being a cousin of the Maharal of Prague. From early childhood, the MaHaRSHA’s remarkable talents were evident and he was famous as both a “masmid” and an “Illui”. He married the daughter of R. Moshe and Eidel Lipshitz of Brisk and moved to Posen where he established a Yeshiva. For twenty years all the expenses of the Yeshiva were defrayed by his mother-in-law. In appreciation of her support he adopted her name. After her death, he served as Rav in the Chelm, Lublin and Ostrog, and was enormously revered by both scholars and laymen.
For hundreds of years, the MaHaRSH”A has served as the most classic and frequently studied commentary of the “Achronim” and he is often referred to as “the Rebbe of K’lal Yisroel”.
Vinograd Basel 189. Waldkirch press. 48 of 50 pages. Lacking the last 2 pages. 19 cm. Overall very fine condition. Some minor worming on the last few pages. Unbound.
Extremely Rare!
Opening bid $2000

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