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Jan 11, 2022
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LOT 245:

(HAGGADAH) Five rare and important Antique Passover Haggadahs

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(HAGGADAH) Five rare and important Antique Passover Haggadahs

1. Haggadah shel Pesach - Maaleh Beis Chorin,   Amsterdam, 1781.

Passover Haggadah following the customs of Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewry adorned with copper-engraved illustrations.

The illustrations are based on the first Amsterdam Haggadah, published in 1695, albeit the illustrations and quality of print indicate a more advanced and superior quality of work.

The Haggadah features commentary by the Alshich, Gevurot Hashem by the Maharal of Prague and other scholars.

The Halachic instructions in the present Haggadah were printed in Ladino and Yiddish languages.

Amsterdam, 1781. Propes Press. [2], 52 leaves. 2 title pages.

Lacking map, very nice condition, old repair on first title pg. , usual wine stains. New binding.

Yaari Haggados 199, Otzar Hahaggados 300. 

2. Haggadah with Yiddish-Deutsch. Furth 1804.

Yaari 325, Otzar Hahaggados 474.

Good condition, Stains, Last Pg. repaired in margins, lacking last 2 Pages. New binding.

3. Passover Haggadah – Brit Mateh Moshe , Berlin 1701, First Haggadah Printed in Berlin.

Lacking first & last Pages. Original binding.

Yaari 67, Otzar Hahaggados 103.

4. Haggadah Kehilat Shlomo, Hannover 1847-8.

Yaari 673, Otzar Hahaggados 916.

Good condition, New binding.

5. Passover Haggadah – Jacob Steinhardt and Franziska Baruch – Berlin, 1923.

The letters are handwritten by Franziska Baruch, the pictures - original wooden engraving handiwork of Jacob Steinhardt.

Copy 90 out of 250, with the artist's signature.

Yaari 1952, Otzar Hahaggados 2888.

Good condition, Stains.

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