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LOT 233:

Ledger of the Yeshivah in Frankfurt 1892-1936

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Ledger of the Yeshivah in Frankfurt 1892-1936

Original German blank notebook, numbered 1-286 followed by an alphabet phone book.

Written pages thru page 171. 

Missing part of spine.

Protocol of Jeshewe in Frankfurt.

Content about the Jeshewe in Frankfurt “Thora Lehr-Anstalt Jeschiwa”

2. Training objectives of the Jeshewe in Frankfurt Germany

Point-by-point requirements that students must meet for the study of Torah and for students who will follow another course within the Jeshewe.

Explanation of what the different courses look like (content and length).

3. Recently founded Jeshewe in Jerusalem.

Motivation: there is a great need for it, especially for emigrated, religious families from Germany.

The "Chinuch question" is discussed. 

4. 1937: Legal report of the Board of Directors to the members of the "Israelitische Religionsgesellschaft" on the 1936 financial year.

5. Curriculum of the current school year (?)

Overview of a number of students (132), years of study, and overview of staff. (photo concerns page II.

6. Table of contents syllabus.

Curriculum of 1935

Overview of the core subjects in one semester. O.a. Bible and Talmud. Each subject indicates in detail what the students will learn - depending on their prior knowledge.

In addition to the above focus, there is also an offer of a number of lectures. O.a. Hebrew grammar, Ivriet and Jewish history.

The total number of lessons per week: 40-46 hours.

8. Form with address and account number.

9. Photos of the school building and students.

10. Handwritten minutes of a meeting, November 8, 1892. List present.

11. Handwritten minutes of a meeting, November 8, 1892. Summary of income, expenses, investments, funds, loans, new members, retirements.

12. Meeting 1893

13. Meeting 1894

15. p. 108: Meeting 1917

16. p. 109: Meeting 1918

17. p. 142: Meeting 1920

18. p. 143: Meeting 1920

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