Auction 11 Historic Sale! Rare Sefurim and Unique Rabinical Letters
Nov 1, 2021
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Mighty and powerful! one of a kind! Shem Hagdolim with a personal dedication in the holy handwriting of the Hida to his eldest son Rabbi Raphael Yeshaya Azulai!

כוס של ברכה ממטבעות שמירה של הצדיקים הקדושים מסאטמאר פשעווארסק סקולען רבי משה אריה פריינד ועוד

Full Letter Handwritten and Signed by Reb Arele Roth of Shomer Emunim

Manuscript from the Compositions of the Yismach Moshe - With Glosses Handwritten by Rebbe Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelbaum Rabbi of Sighet, Author of Yitav Lev, and Glosses by Rebbe Moshe David Teitelbaum Rabbi of Laposch

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LOT 47:

Handwritten and Autographed Letter by the Maharshag - 4 Sides

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Handwritten and Autographed Letter by the Maharshag - 4 Sides
Handwritten and Autographed Letter by the Maharshag
Fascinating halachic query and responsum 

Harav Shimon Greenfeld, the Maharshag (1861-1930), was Av Beis Din of Szentmihály and author of the 3-volume Shu”t Maharshag which includes hundreds of his famous responsa. A leading Hungarian rabbi, he studied in the yeshivah of Maharam Schick whose opinion he cites in this teshuvah. He succeeded his father as rabbi of Szentmihály where he upheld a prominent yeshivah.

הגאון רבי עקיבא בלוי ממנהיגי קהילת קראסנא, התכתב עם גדולי דורו, ולמעלה ממאה תשובות שקיבל נדפסו בספרי שו"ת רבים. נספה בשואה, הי"ד.