Louis Ledoux: Papua New Guinea Collection
Nov 16, 2021
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Adventurer, Academic, Industrialist: Louis Pierre Ledoux 1936 New Guinea Expedition

In early 1936, on recommendation by American anthropologist Margaret Mead, Louis Pierre Ledoux, recent Harvard University graduate, headed to the lower eastern Sepik River of Papua New Guinea to study the Murik people.

The results of his self-funded expedition is an extraordinary collection of hundreds of artifacts, photographs, manuscripts, diaries, and letters left untouched for 85 years.

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String of Shell Money

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String of Shell Money

String of Nassa shell money.

Louis Pierre Ledoux, in his chapter on Trade page 12 (lot 108 box I), explains about dogs' teeth and shell necklaces: "Necklaces of dogs' teeth were equivalent, length for length, with those with "tambu" shells. A bat tooth necklace was equivalent to a two-foot rope of 'tambu' or one small, handled basket with markings..."

Country: Papua New Guinea
Date: 1936 or earlier
Material: plant fiber, small Nassa shells
Dimensions: L 20"

Provenance: Louis Pierre Ledoux Collection