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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 28:

A varied collection of antique Seforim. 1817-1942.

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A varied collection of antique Seforim. 1817-1942.

1. Sefer Nachlat Ezriel, by Rabbi Pinhas ben Rabbi Azriel Ha-Levi, disciple of Rabbi Yehonatan Eibschutz.

Novellae on Chumash and Misechtos Chulin, Avoda Zara, Nida, and Shvu'ot,

The author was born in Amsterdam and learned in the Yeshivah of Rabbi Yehonatan Eibschutz. He quotes several times the sayings he heard from the Eibschutz. He later moved to Poland and served as Rabbi there in several communities.

Only edition. Grodno - Horodna, 1817.

Unbound, water stains. A good sound copy.

2. Pitchei Shiorim, [Breslau?] 1851. by Rabbi Issachar ben Yehuda Leib Wingot.

[Breslau] ? 1851. The title page says 1819 but was probably printed in Breslau in 1851.

Original binding, lacking spine, water-stained, A good sound copy.

3. Ir Shushan, Pressburg 1849, by Rabbi Eliezer Lipman Stein.

Only edition. Pressburg, 1849.

Original detached covers, water damage to inner margins. A fair sound copy.

Previous owner stamp Chaim Alter Friedman Mashgiach 103 Louis Street.

Writings on the first flypaper.

4. Derush Ramatz, Chasidic approbations. by Rabbi Meir Tzvi Weitmeir,

Notes and discussions on Shulchan Orech

Single edition. Przemysł 1887. 

Original cover. A good sound copy.

5. Sefer Shu''t Mahar''m Mbrisk, Tasnad 1942.

Later plastic covers. A very good sound copy.

Previous owner name embossed on the cover, Yahoshua Mandel.

6. Shulchan Ha'ezer Part one. by Rabbi Yitzchak Zvi Leibovich of Tchap.

Dej 1929.

Previous owner stamp Harav Yitzchok Fried, New York

Original covers slightly detached. A good sound copy.


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