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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 27:

A varied collection of antique Seforim. 1714 -1892.

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A varied collection of antique Seforim. 1714 -1892.

1.  Haohel Olam. By Rabbi Akiva Leharin Manheim

Torah thoughts and Chidushim on Gemarah Kesubos with questions and answers.

First edition, Frankfurt, 1714

Unbound, damp stained.A good sound copy.

2. Amudei Sheish, by Rabbi Shlomo Efraim Luntshitz. Author of Klei Yakar.


Published by Amsterdam printer Leib Ben Moshe Zusmansh. Leiden 1772.

Detached original covers, water stained. A good sound copy.

3. Sefer Shut Mariaz Enzil, First edition.Lviv 1882.

By Rabbi Yekutiel Asher Zalmen Enzil Rabbi in Premisla and Stry.

Old stamps of a Dayan in Warsaw.

Later binding, title reinforce around borders. A good sound copy.

4. Divrei Geonim, by Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Hakohen of Sighet,

Discussion and rulings on the Shulchan Orech

First edition, Ungvar, 1870.

Previous owner stamp, Rabbi Alexander Dov Gross the Gabbai of the Munkatch Rebbes.

Original cover, back cover missing bottom, corners tattered. A good sound copy.

5-6. .Tzenah U'Renah Yiddish- Two Editions with pictures.By Rabbi Yaakov of Yanow.

Tzenah U'Renah. A Torah compilation in Yiddish on the weekly Torah readings, haftarot, and five megillot, with engravings.

1-Lemberg, 1865.

Embossed name on the cover Bas Ami Kleinman.

2-Vilna, 1879.

Family inscriptions from N.Y in 1889-1902.

7. Ein Yakov, Slavuta 1835?

Missing title page.

Later cloth covers taped, last page detached, ripped and missing. 

8. Magidim Chadashim. By Rabbi Benyamin Shmuel Zalunski.

Discussions in Shulchan Orech Yoreh Dea - Chidushim, Pilpulim.

Berditchev, 1892.

Original cover, lacking spine, title connected inner margin.

Many pages are uncut at top of the page. last 6 pages worming at inner margin.

Interesting approbations by Rebbes of the Chernobyl dynasty. 

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