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Aug 10, 2021
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LOT 26:

Collection of antique Seforim with signatures & stamps of Hungarian notables. 1855 - 1941

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Collection of antique Seforim with signatures & stamps of Hungarian notables. 1855 - 1941

1. Sugyot Grufa Ukituma, printed for Hungarian Yeshiva Students.

One was published by the Yeshiva in Pupa & printed in Mishkoltz.

The other was printed in Sekelhid.

Rare printings for the Hungarian Yeshiva Bochurim.

Signatures of Dov Ber Halpert of Neipest.

Original binding.

A good sound copy.

2.1 Knesses Yisroel,

      by Rabbi Yisrael Baruch son of Rabbi Chaim Meir Broin.

      Containing the ten important holy insights to the deeper meaning of prayers and          the Mystical significance found in Shas, Midrashim the Zohar, and other sources.


      Grosswardein, 1928.


2.2 Seder hadorot hachadash (The New "Order of the Generations")

      by the Baal Shem Tov (R. Israel ben Eliezer),

      The "Besht" left no books, this title is based on the original used by Rabbi Yechiel        Heilprin. One of the famous lessons of the Besht in this book is if you see another        person doing something ugly, you should first meditate on the presence of that            same ugliness in yourself (seeing someone else's errors is an opportunity to                remind ourselves that we too err and should not judge others).

Printed by R. Meir Leib Hirsch in Szat-márnémeti,

Satmar, 1941

Rabbi Hirsch's press was founded in 1925 and existed until 1944, being the largest of Satmar's presses in Romania.

Later binding. Both titles are in good condition.

3. Sefer Reziel Hamalach,    

    Writing & stamp from R Burech Kessler of Nyirbator as a disciple in the famous            Unsdorf yeshiva led by the Gaon Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg in 1910.

    Yuzepov 1873.

    Original binding.

    A good sound copy.

4. Sefer Gevuras Aryeh,  

    Signature: Amrom Greenwald.

    Samlau, 1916.

   Original binding.

    A good sound copy.

5. Sefer Lev David,    

    Previous owner stamp Yehudah Melber from Berlin.

    With aprobition of Rebbe Yechiel Nathan Halberstam of Bardejov.

     Bardejov 1926.  

     Original binding,

     A good sound copy.

6 Mitzvas HaShem,  

   by Rabbi Boruch ben Tzvi Hirsch Halperin.

   Discussion on the Taryag Mitzvot - 613 Commandments.

   Zolkwa, 1855.

  Original binding, page 38 missing left bottom corner affecting text.

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