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LOT 23:

Collection of Seforim printed in the years 1723 - 1837

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Collection of Seforim printed in the years 1723 - 1837

1.Tzintzenet HaMon 

by Rabbi Menachem Man Una (Dayan in the Lisa Community).

Novelties and discussion on legendary articles in the Shas,

With approbations by Rabbi Yaakov Risher of Prag author of Shavuot Yaakov

Single edition

Offenbach, 1723 

2. Zera Kodesh Prag 1827.

By Rabbi Shmuel Freund. Torah incites on tractates Brachot, Pe'ah, Demai.

Prague, 1827.

3. Three titles bound together by Rabbeinu Moshe Chaim Luzzatto - Ramcha"l

Each with a separate title page.

3.1 Derech Chochmah by the Ramcha"l. Warsaw, 1837.

Written in the form of questions and answers between a rabbi and student on the means of acquiring wisdom.

3.2  Ma’amar al HaHaggadot, on Chazal and their sayings.

3.3 Ma’amar HaIkarim, on prophecy and hashgacha, on Gan Eden and Gehenom, on the Torah and the Avodah.

Warsaw, 1837.

At the end is “138 Openings of Wisdom”, with introductions to the Etz Haim of the Ari. Printed in Johannesburg by Haim Aryeh (no year noted). The National Library lists it as a second edition, estimated date of publication 1857.

The last work’s introduction features dear things in praise of the author, and mentions the Toldot Yaakov Yosef who heard from the Maggid of Mazritch amazing things about the holiness of the Ramchal. 8, [1], 3, 8, 142 pages.

Small tear to the last cover, no damage to text.  Original binding, slight water stain not affecting text.

4. Pa'amonei Zahav, Commentary on Tehillim,

by Rabbi Dovid Katz.

Important approbations, including that of Rabbi Yechezkel Landau –the Noda B'Yehuda of Prague.

Only edition. Fuerth 1769.

Previous owner stamp Shmuel Yakabovitch Biala.

Signature of the Rebbe Eliezer Lipa Gartenhaus of Prochnik, New york.

5. Ginat Egoz

by Rabbi Yosef Gikatilla.

Kabbalistic explanations on the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, including Gematrias, and names.

Second edition. Zolkiew, 1773.

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