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LOT 41:

Poster, Call for Jews to Support the White Army during the Civil War in Russia, by a Jewish Officer, Ekaterinoslav, 1919

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Poster, Call for Jews to Support the White Army during the Civil War in Russia, by a Jewish Officer, Ekaterinoslav, 1919

Poster about the pogroms against the Jews by the White Army battalions during the Russian Civil War, callin on Jew to support the White forces and understand that the perpetrators of the riots are an unrepresentative minority.

Rare, unique item, apparently the only one in the world.

The poster was drafted by a Jewish supporter of the White Army, perhaps one of its soldiers, possibly even an officer. At the top of the proclamation is the call: Jew to Jew: Jewish citizens! The proclamation calls for not supporting the Red Army and the Communists, arguing that only the White Army will establish Russia as a free and prosperous country where Jews will feel free "until our historic homeland - Palestine, can absorb us all." The proclamation claims that the perpetrators of the pogroms are individual and provocative, and they do not at all represent the absolute majority of the White Army. "Brothers!" the poster calls, "Do not pay attention to individual people who sow hatred between us. These people are enemies of Russia just like the Bolsheviks. The voices of these lonely and dark people, who are sometimes also extremist agents, will drown in the voice of the Russian people with pure thoughts." In addition, the poster gives a full citation of Ordinance No. 7 issued by the Governor of Ekaterinoslav on July 25, 1919 to General Irmanov Ирманов. The ordinance states that following the information received about the persecution and incitement of the Jews against them, robbery and rape, both in the city and on the trains, General Irmanov orders the arrest of the instigators and haters among the peoples and prosecute them. He commands to do all that is necessary so that the peoples of all peoples, Russians, Poles, Jews, Germans and others will be equally protected by law. Anyone who does not comply with this provision will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the war era. This order was given in the spirit of the instructions of the Supreme Ruler Admiral Kolchak, the Commander of the Army of Southern Russia, General Denikin, the Commander of the Volunteer Army, General Mai-Mayevsky, and the Commander of the 3rd Division of the Cavalry.

During the civil war that broke out in Russia following the communist revolution (1918-1921), various armies that took part in the pogroms against Jews. Cruel pogroms and especially large pogroms took place in Ukraine, by the army of Ukrainian nationalists, by the leaders of the gangs of anarchists and by the "white army" which was the main force fighting the communist army - the "Red Army." The Supreme Commander of the White Army at the time was General Denikin. Cossacks who were part of the White Army in particular were especially cruel. These Cossacks were commanded by General Shkuro. A total of 200,000 Jews were killed in these pogroms. The claim was that Jews were to blame for the revolution since many of the leaders of the communist regime were of Jewish descent. Indeed the Jews generally tended to support the Communists, as the Red Army was the only army that hardly touched the Jews, and in its victory the Jews sometimes saw their only chance of survival.

[1] leaf, 20x28 cm.

Fine-very fine condition, minimal aging stains without damage to text.

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