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LOT 21:

Rare Classic: Shev Shema'tasa, First Edition - Lviv, 1804.

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Rare Classic: Shev Shema'tasa, First Edition - Lviv, 1804.

Shev Shema'taדa, First Edition - Lviv, 1804.

Sefer Shev Shema'tasa by R' Aryeh Leib HaCohen Heller, author of Ketzot Hachoshen and Avnei Miluim. Lviv: Shlomo Yarish Rappaport, [1804]. First edition.

This book was one of the author's last books to be published, but it was in actuality the first to be composed by him while he was yet an adolescent. At the end of the introduction, the author writes: "I authored this book while still a child…". R. Baruch Ber Leibowitz claimed that the book was written before the bar mitzvah (age 13) of the author!
This book was popularized immediately upon publication, and has been printed in close to one hundred editions. Dozens of commentaries have been published, and studied in yeshivot to this day.
Contains the introduction of R. Zanvel Leib (R. Shmuel Aryeh Tzehlon), which was omitted from most subsequent editions.

Pages: [1], 9, 92.
Size: 23.5 cm
Condition: Over all in very fine condition, thick paper, some pages have worming, mainly on the inner margins [please see pictures]. Wide margins.

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