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May 11, 2021
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Segulah for Wealth! Derashot for Shavuot Handwritten by Rabbi Hersheleh of Liska, Teacher of Rabbi Yeshayaleh of ...

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Sold for: $4,200
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$ 1,000
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$6,000 - $8,000
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Segulah for Wealth! Derashot for Shavuot Handwritten by Rabbi Hersheleh of Liska, Teacher of Rabbi Yeshayaleh of Kerestir

"They would say that everyone who offers incense would become wealthy and his funds would multiply" (Ramba"m)

Autograph [2 pp, approximately 800 words!] comprising two sermons for Shavuot. Handwritten by the leading Admo"r of Hungary, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Liska. Liska, 1863.

At the beginning of the first page of the manuscript (the first sermon), there is a title referring to these being his thoughts about Shavuot in the year "ברכתא." At the top of the second page, there is a title referring to Shavuot per Tractate Shabbat page 88b. The speeches are written in clear and legible autograph script. Whether these sermons appear in the Liska Rebbe's book HaYashar V'HaTov has not been checked; but in any case, the sermons in the book were printed in a different style from the original and edited by the author's grandson, who wrote that he arranged and revised the original text (with his grandfather's permission). This is the unmitigated original, as written by the Lisker Rebbe himself!

Aside from the tremendous historic-Torah value of this manuscript as an autograph that contains two complete sermons from beginning to end, handwritten by the renowned Admo"r, one of the progenitors of the Chassidic movement in Hungary, this manuscript is an actual amulet for wealth! It is said that manuscripts by leaders over the generations would use them as amulets for protection and success (especially amulets by Chassidic Admo"rs, but not exclusively). How much more so, a manuscript by the leading Admo"r of Hungary, who was especially famous for his amulets that wrought miracles, with "segulah" written three times in his own hand(!) - as well as the "Sod HaKetoret" (a segulah for wealth). The manuscript ends with the known segulah verse from Hallel: "He raises the destitute from the dust and the poverty-stricken from the heap"!

Refer to the Hebrew catalog text for a brief biography of the Admo"r Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch (Friedman) of Liska.

According to Chassidic tradition, the power to write amulets was received by Rabbi Hershele of Liska from his rabbi, the Yismach Moshe, who would distribute amulets extensively to grant salvation to the Jewish people. According to that same tradition, before his passing, he gave over this power to Rabbi Yeshayaleh of Kerestir, who also utilized it, and wrought miracles with his amulets like one of the ancients.

[2]  pp, approximately 25 cm. Thick, high-quality paper, entirely handwritten by the Liska Rebbe.

Very fine condition: Aging stains.

NB: VAT added to the commission for foreign residents as well.

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