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May 11, 2021
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LOT 42:

Tehillim - Tapuach Zahav by the Alshich HaKadosh. First Edition. Especially Rare

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Tehillim - Tapuach Zahav by the Alshich HaKadosh. First Edition. Especially Rare

Tapuach Zahav - commentary on Psalms 1-41, with the Tehillim text, by Rabbi Moshe Alshich, known as "HaAlshich HaKadosh" Kori-Gishmi, 1597-1598. First edition of the Alshich's commentary to the Book of Psalms, incomplete copy. Especially rare book. There is no complete copy in the National Library.

This is the first edition of the rare Sefer Tehillim with the commentary by the Alshich HaKadosh - one of the few rabbinic leaders over the generations for whom the Jewish people appended the description "Kadosh" to his name. This edition was printed in the Alshich's lifetime in Kori Gashmi, near Constantinople, where the widow of Don Yosef HaNasi, Rayna's, press was located. Only a few books were printed there.

Rabbi Moshe Alshich - "HaAlshich HaKadosh"[1507-1600] was a disciple of Rabbi Yosef Karo, and Rabbi Chaim Vital's teacher for Talmud and halachah. In 1535, he merited to ascend to the Land of Israel and settled in Safed, where he served as a halachic authority and dayan. After his teacher, Rabbi Yosef Karo, ascended, he stood at his side, and towards his old age, he even signed in his rabbi's name. Many came to his sermons, and even the Ar"i, who lived during that same era, came to hear his derashot, and said that the sage Moshe Alshich was privileged to capture the true intent in his commentary. Aside from this book, the Alshich HaKadosh authored many other books: Torat Moshe, Mar'ot Tzov'ot, Yarim Moshe and others.

Ginzei Yisrael 636 - only 10 leaves. Ya'ari, Kushta 239, Stefansky, Sifrei Yessod 19.

The complete book contains [80] leaves, this copy contains [63] original leaves. The title page and the  missing leaves are completed by professional photocopy.

Fine condition: Aging stains. Professional restoration to the margins of the leaves. Elegant new fabric binding.

Pay Attention: VAT should be added to the commission for foreign residents as well.

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