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<<(Biserman, Böszörmény, Hungary).>> Protocoll-Buch / Pinkas Chevra Kadisha [Community ...

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<<(Biserman, Böszörmény, Hungary).>> Protocoll-Buch / Pinkas Chevra Kadisha [Community memorial volume].

Manuscript written in Hebrew and Yiddish, square calligraphic and cursive hands on paper. Commences with 21 Takanot signed by the members of the newly-formed Chevra Kadisha on Sunday of Parshath Ve’ethchanan (August 7, 1864). After this are 33 further Takanot regarding the minhagim in the synagogue, how the Torah scrolls are to be taken out on holidays, and so forth. Following this introductory section are dedicated pages with the names of individual community members written in a large black script, with pink and gold accents. The family names Klein, Schwartz, and Rubinstein are highly represented, with many dozens of other names besides.?Towards the end of the book is a section with family information in Hungarian. Each entry is numbered. The dates in these entries run from 1868 to 1906. There is a well-drafted seating chart for the synagogue, and the seating numbers correspond to the entries in this section. After this is a list of some 120 members by name, recorded on April 10, 1892.
pp. 159 (excluding blanks). Light wear. Original boards with metal corner-pieces, rubbed. Folio.
Böszörmény / Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary: 1864-

Biserman (sometimes nicknamed Besamim in Yiddish) was situated near Debrecin. In the 19th century its rabbi was R. Aharon Fried (1812-91), a native of the town. Rabbi Fried was a student of the Chasam Sofer and authored Omer LeTzion, Tzeil Hakessef, both on the Talmud. Another distinguished Hungarian rabbi served in this position, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Ginz (1859-1924), author of Harei Besamim, and a descendant of Rabbi Akiva Eger (Ginz)’s brother, Rabbi Avraham Ginz Schlesinger.