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<<(Laposch / Magyarlápos, Transylvania).>> Sepher Zichronoth M’Chevra Kadisha ...

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<<(Laposch / Magyarlápos, Transylvania).>> Sepher Zichronoth M’Chevra Kadisha [Community memorial volume].

Hebrew manuscript on paper written in square and cursive Ashkenazic hands.
pp. 120. Few stains. Original marbled boards, worn. 4to.
Târgu Lăpuș / Magyarlápos, Romania: 1911-33

Laposch, as it is called in Yiddish, also known as Magyarlápos in Hungarian, or Târgu Lăpuș in Rumanian, was a town in the county of Máramaros that contained a sizable Jewish community. This Pinkas manuscript records the names, payments and obligations of dozens of Transylvanian Jews and their families. The first page’s entry is for the town’s rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Dovid Teitelbaum (1856-1935), the son of Rabbi Yisroel Ya’akov (R. Yukel) Teitelbaum, the Admor of Volover. Recorded here is the death of his Rebbetzin on 17th Tammuz, 1929. This family was a branch of the dynasty founded by the Yismach Moshe, R. Moshe Teitelbaum, who introduced Chassidus to Hungary.