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LOT 19:

דרכי נעם. ונציה. תנ"ז [1697]. צורת בית המקדש. פולמוס.

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דרכי נעם. ונציה. תנ"ז [1697]. צורת בית המקדש. פולמוס.
Darkei No'am responsa, Rabbi Mordechai HaLevi Av Beit Din in Egypt. With a pamphlet written by his son Rabbi Avraham HaLevi. Venice, 1697. First edition. Bragadin printing.
On behind of title page is an illustration of Tzurat HaBayit.
Includes owners and signature of R' Shaul Moshe Zilberman of Vershiov.
R' Shaul Moshe Zilberman of Vershiov (1852- 1939) was one of the most renowned scholars in Poland prior to the Holocaust as well as a prominent Gerrer Chasid. Towards the end of his life he emigrated to Eretz Yisrael and settling in Tel Aviv. R. Pinchos Menachem Alter of Ger (Pnei Menachem) was married to his granddaughter.

Size: 29 cm.
Pages: 282, 41.
Condition: Very fine condition, stains.

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