Auction 2 2020 Summer Auction - Militaria
Aug 9, 2020 (your local time)
 PO Box 13020 Des Moines, IA 50310
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LOT 228:


Start price:
$ 50
Estimated price:
$120 - $150
Auction house commission: 24%

SA belt buckle (SA Koppelschloß) The SA pattern box buckle was the first belt buckle to be introduced by the NSDAP, with its estimated introductory dates ranging between 1921 and 1923. On its introduction it was not fully standardized and came in at least five variations. The SA pattern buckle was originally worn by other Nazi organizations including the SS, the NSKK, the NSBO, and political leaders. The SA box buckle was officially replaced by the rectangular, open frame, dual claw buckle in April of 1934, and was to be discontinued in 1936, although it was still widely worn. Slightly convex, stamped brass, one-piece construction buckle features, to its obverse, a plain field upon which is an embossed, political-style national eagle clutching the laurel surround to a sunwheel swastika on a slightly domed, plain field. Recommended variant for SA buckle collections.
Condition: Good condition with traces of hard wear. As the pictures shown.