Auction 10 Fine Antique Judaica
By Legacy Judaica
May 8, 2022
Estreia 978 River Ave Lakewood NJ 08701, United States

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LOT 10:

Bomberg Talmud. Maseches Yoma. Venice 1531. Fine Copy!

Start price:
$ 20,000
Buyer's Premium: 25%
VAT: 8.875% On commission only

Bomberg Talmud. Maseches Yoma. Venice 1531. Fine Copy!
Maseches Yoma, printed by Daniel Bomberg, with the Rashi and Tosfos commentaries alongside the Talmud. With additional commentary of the Rosh, as well as the RaMBaM’s commentary on the Mishna printed at the end of the volume. The blank spaces on either side of page 17 allow for the inclusion of hand-drawn schematic depictions of the Bais HaMikdash, which would serve as visual aids and facilitate the reader’s comprehension of the text.
This edition determined the layout of the page for nearly every subsequent edition of the Talmud. Additionally, this particular edition of the Talmud is virtually free of the encroachments of the censor. As is well-known Daniel Bomberg spared no effort in printing an accurate and magnificent set of the Talmud. The result was the famed “Bomberg Shas” which has been a treasured collector’s item for generations. They are particularly rare as they had to survive the “burning of the Talmud in Venice” in 1553 and 1568.
Vinograd Venice 146. Bomberg press. 97 pages. Includes the final page which is missing in many copies. 31 cm. Overall very fine condition. One page bound out of place. Trimmed margins. Some professional restoration on the first few and last few pages, at times affecting text. Censors markings. A few isolated words burnt. Magnificent modern leather binding.
Opening bid $20,000