Auction 6 Sunday Benefit Auction

Jul 18, 2021
41 Taylor Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540, United States

BreyerFest 2021 - Benefit Auction

This Virtual Benefit Event is part of the most colorful and fun BreyerFest yet!
The canvas of our world is painted with a myriad of eye-catching colors and patterns of our beloved equine companions. We stand in awe of the unique beauty of the horses gracing our planet - pinto, appaloosa, brindle, roan and every color in between! The stories you will hear and the horses you will meet at BreyerFest: Horse of a Different Color will leave you INSPIRED!

Delve into the world of colorful horses and have some fun!

BreyerFest: Horse of a Different Color also shines a spotlight on the way horses bind us together as a community. In the same way we connect with a fine work of art, with shared inspiration and emotion, we will come together for the shared experience with horses in a way only Breyer can create. 

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