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Oct 18, 2021
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An anti-Nazi pamphlet published in South Africa in the midst of World War II. Pretoria, [1942]

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An anti-Nazi pamphlet published in South Africa in the midst of World War II. Pretoria, [1942]

A rare publication that came out in South Africa against Hitler and the German Reich in the midst of World War II. Pretoria, [1942]. Africanus.

On the title page of the booklet is a quote from Hitler himself: "Es is nie so waansinnig oorlog te verlang nie ... Hitler"  - "It is not so crazy to want a war." An anti-Nazi propaganda booklet published by the United States government After joining Allied forces in World War II in Africa. During the war, the pro - German underground organization Ossewabrandwag was established in South Africa. It was an anti-British organization that operated in secret cells and gained support among the meager population. The booklet was intended to convey to the general public in South Africa the truth about Hitler and the German Reich, lest they join the pro-German underground organizations.

Each pair of pages in the booklet consists of a photograph expressing Nazi policy on the left, and a photograph of its devastating results on the right. And a large swastika over every two pages. The accompanying writings quoted Adolf Hitler himself and the Reich leaders on their real goals of taking over the world and building the German Reich over the nations of the world, as well as press quotes on the advance of the Reich army and the crimes of Nazi Germany, while bringing important information to the African population with an emphasis on the danger to Africa if the Nazi dictator wins.

Extremely rare publication. Only one copy in World Cut at the National Library in Pretoria, South Africa.

[34] pages. 25 cm. Good condition.