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Lies in Nazi Antisemitic Literature - Shlomo Glicksman - New York 1940 - First Edition in Yiddish

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Lies in Nazi Antisemitic Literature - Shlomo Glicksman - New York 1940 - First Edition in Yiddish

שקרים אן דער אנטיסעמיטישער ליטעראטור און מיין פראצעס געגען יוליוס שטרייכער און זיין חבריה, פון שלמה גליקסמאן - Lies in the Antisemitic Literature Founded by Julius Streicher and Friends In the German antisemitic literature, by Shlomo Glicksman, New York 1940 - the first edition in Yiddish with new materials appearing for the first time in this edition, and include information which served as a basis for a lawsuit against Streicher himself in those years for distorting materials in the 'free' Danzig. The book was published in New York, in the midst of the terrible Holocaust - and exposes the lies that appear in German antisemitic literature.

The book was originally written in German and was first published in 1934 in Danzig - the author's residence at the time. The German edition was distributed in Danzig, Czechoslovakia and Austria, but was soon banned from distribution at the personal behest of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, after he became acquainted with quotes from the book cited in the foreign press. The author tended to think in those days that Danzig was a free city not subject to the German Reich under Article 102 of the Treaty of Versailles, and Courageously, tried to sue Streicher himself for forgery, but was soon sober up when following the distribution of the book between the Nazis he began to receive threats on his life from Nazi activists in Danzig itself. After the choke ring tightened around him, the author managed to escape to America in 1938. There he published the Yiddish edition of the book for the American Jewish public who in those years was still unaware of the perimeter of the German Reich's false propaganda machine, as mentioned with additions not appearing in the German edition.

In his book, the author exposes the lies of the antisemitic German campaigners, led by the German 'De Sturmer' founded by Julius Streicher, regarding the Talmudic distortions in their literature, and shows that in addition to the lies themselves, even world-renowned Catholic churchmen came out against the plots that appeared in it against the Jews and their literature. He also exposes the lies of Johann Andreas Eisenmenger (a German Christian Orientalist, considered one of the forerunners of anti-Semitism in modern times) in his critical works against the Jews, as well as of the theologian Rogost Rowling (a well-known anti-Semitic author) in his book "Der Talmudjude" ("The Talmudic Jew" A plaster article published in 1871), on the German-style blood libel. The author also reveals fascinating facts about the Nazi propaganda, such as the fact that in the early days of the German "de Sturmer" in Danzig, the German public refrained from purchasing it because it was considered a low-level newspaper. The newspaper began to distribute it in free editions, it was received with sympathy among the German population, and more.

96 p. Very good condition.