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LOT 228:

"As for the Agudah ... In secret, my soul will cry for the great destruction" - Letter by the Rebbe of Alexander - ...

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"As for the Agudah ... In secret, my soul will cry for the great destruction" - Letter by the Rebbe of Alexander - Printed poster

'Letter from the holly Admor The famous real righteous rabbi of Israel Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Z'l of Alexander Which he wrote (before his departure) against the "Agudah" (from his handwritten)  - Printed poster, 1910s.

In his letter, the Rebbe Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Danziger writes hard things against the "Agudah": "And about the Agudah what i will say my heart Hurts on the fallen of Beit Israel, in hiding will cry my soul for the great destruction and the terrible desolation like a fiery fire will burn... And who knows what will grow out of it, Ha -shem Have mercy on Se'erit Hapleta And I was almost weakened by sorrow ..." The letter was written during the Rebbe's illness and rarely describes his condition: "G-d will strengthen me and we will soon be healed thanks to my holy ancestors.
and I will soon be able to return to myself and get up from my bed in complete health...". At the end of the letter, the Admor adds : "I heard that KC received a letter from the Lubavitch Rebbe shlit'a, perhaps his saint's desire to send me a copy. "

The Holy Admor Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Danziger [1860-1924] The third Rebbe in the Alexander Hasidic dynasty - one of Europe's largest Hasidic, which numbered tens of thousands, one of the greatest of the Admors of Poland. After the death of his brother Rabbi Yerachmiel Yisrael Yitzhak Danziger (1909) Childless, crowned by most followers of his brother to the Admor. Until his coronation as Admor, he endeavored to conceal his deeds, but after beginning to serve as Admor, Many were huddled in his shadow. Characterized by a merciful leadership, he was known as an Israel lover and his prayers were With great emotion in tears and pleas, tens of thousands of Alexander's followers who were scattered throughout Poland received his leadership. Founded the "Yeshivat Beit Israel" (after his brother name) in Alexander ('Alexandrov' by Polish name). His teachings were printed in the book "Tiferet Shmuel" on the Torah and Moadim.

[1] leaf. 26x22 cm. Fold marks and slight tears. Reinforced at the back. Stains. moderate condition.