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Oct 18, 2021
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LOT 151:

10 warning leaflets and reports to the public issued in the midst of the 1929 riots

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10 warning leaflets and reports to the public issued in the midst of the 1929 riots

An important collection of 10 emergency leaflets and 'newspaper additions' issued in the midst of the 1929 riots warning the public to stay in homes for fear of their lives, reports on what was happening in the cities of the country, and announcements mentioning the names of those killed in the riots.

Among them: Addition to the newspaper Davar reporting on the death in Hebron: "Yesterday afternoon a Jewish boy was killed in Hebron. This morning masses of falachim from the villages tried to go from there to Jerusalem ... there was a collision. There are casualties among the Arabs ...", Addition to "Davar" under the headline "Yediot from Jerusalem" which reports on the onslaught of Arabs in the Talpiot area of Jerusalem, and in other neighborhoods, Addition to Haaretz issue 551: includes 'another list of those killed in Jaffa', among them the name of the author Yosef Chaim Brenner, an ad on behalf of the Tel Aviv Municipality: "The Tel Aviv Municipality mentions this and warns the public that in accordance with the government's announcement regarding the state of the war, it is absolutely forbidden to leave the house after 6.30 in the evening until 6 in the morning", and more.

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