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Aug 2, 2021
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LOT 245:

A long sermon for the days of mercy and forgiveness in the handwriting of Marna Ben Ish Chai

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A long sermon for the days of mercy and forgiveness in the handwriting of Marna Ben Ish Chai

A long sermon in the handwriting of Marna Ben Ish Chai in the virtue of Tshuva, Milchemet HaYetzer, the virtue of study Torah and study of morality, and the big reward for those who come to hear the sermon, Written by him in the month of Elul before Rosh Hashanah. 18 pages in manuscript that have never been printed!

Maran extends to clarify the virtue of Teshuvah and Slichot in the month of Elul. And he explains the Midrash Chazal: "ונשובה לפרש בס"ד דברי המדרש שהתחלנו בו תקעו בחודש שופר, חודש - חדשו מעשיכם שופר - שפרו מעשיכם...". Maran explains that the Yetzer HaRah is constantly working and searching in his tricks how to overthrow man in his net. The advice given by Maran to defeat the Yetzer is that every year man will renew new customs in the work of G-d, and thus the Yetzer will despair, who will see that it is not enough that he does not fall into his net, but he renews new customs and ways in the work of G-d. And this is the meaning of the words of the Midrash: "Renew your deeds" - "Improve your deeds", that in good deeds man will be renewed and improved, thus turning the degree of law into a degree of mercy and overcoming the Yetzer.

Maran further adds to the renewal of matters in the virtue of the Esek HaTorah on Shabbat, and at nights: "And the way is to get up every night in the ashmoret to study Torah which is the rest of the soul, etc. And refers to the words of the Ari in the Sha'ar HaPsukim that the soul at midnight suffers from sleep, and therefore a person has to get up at midnight and engage in the Torah, and this is the true rest of the soul by the Torah study.

To the women Maran advises to study morality, and as is well known, Maran has authored a special book of morality for women "Canon El Nasa" (Women's Laws).

Similarly, Maran adds and explains the "greatness of the virtue of the Kaddish who is capable for atonement", as well as the greatness of the virtue of say "Amen" who receives great abundance, etc.

It is interesting to note another point that Maran refers to: he clarifies the virtue of the public by coming to hear the sermon, and explains the words of the Gemara in Tractate Brachot: "Agra Dekla Duchka" that the great reward of those who come to hear the sermon It is on the urgency of being crowded to hear, more than just hearing a sermon. And as is well known for Maran's long sermons in the great synagogue "Tzalat el-Kabiri" in Baghdad, a huge crowd of between ten thousand and fifteen thousand people would come and sit in a great crowd, and a miracle was performed that his voice was heard in the distance without a speaker, and the audience would sit long hours In a density to hear his sermon.  And here, in the sermon before us he revealed to the audience the greatness of their reward, that they should be sure that they did not come for nothing, and that the urgency itself that crowded and coming will bring them a great reward more than just hearing his Tora words.

In the midst of the things, Maran blesses twice: "G-d will help us. Amen ken Yehi Ratzon".

Rabbeinu Yosef Chaim of Baghdad, author of Ben Ish Chai [1833-1909], the greatest scholar of his city and country, disciple of Rabbeinu Abdallah Somekh. From his youth he was known for his genius and his righteousness. All the rabbis and Dayanim of Baghdad surrendered to his lips, the undisputed leader of all of Babylonian Jewry. His greatness was published all over the world. In the year 1869, when he traveled to the Land of Israel, an angel was revealed to him and revealed that his soul was rooted in the soul of Benayahu ben Jehoiada, and that is why he called the names of many of his writings: 'ben Ish Chai', 'Ben Ish Chayil', 'Rav Pealim', 'Ben Yehoyada' etc.

[18] p. Nine written leaves on both sides. Very good condition.