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Classics. Asis Rimonim. Mantua 1623.

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Classics. Asis Rimonim. Mantua 1623.
Fundamental abridged version of the classic kabbalah sefer Pardes Rimonim by R. Moshe Kordevero (RaMaK), published by R. Shmuel Gallico of Tzefas, a student of the RaMaK, who served as a Rov in Venice, Ferrara and Mantua. This abridged version was prepared for publication by the renowned R. Menachem Azaria Da Pano (ReMA Mi’Pano). It was intended to serve as an introductory sefer for those beginning to learn Kabbalah.
Second edition, first edition prepared by the ReMA Mi’Pano.
Stefansky Hebrew Classics 344. Vinograd Mantua 211. Yehuda Shmuel of Pirusha press. 67 pages. 18 cm. Very fine condition. Minor restorations to a few pages, very slightly affecting some text. Modern binding, leather spine. Unidentified rabbinical gloss.
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