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Yosef Hachmi (Hakmishwili) - Wedding Invitation, 1912.

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Yosef Hachmi (Hakmishwili) (October 2, 1886 - June 23, 1961) was a Jewish public figure who was one of the key figures in the banking world in the Land of Israel during and after the settlement. He paved the way for the establishment of the economic empire of the Sages family in Israel.
Born in Jerusalem as Joseph Hachmyshvili to Rabbi Ya'akov Hachmyshvili, who was one of the first pioneers of Georgia Jewish immigration to Eretz Israel, a member of a family of rabbis (hence the nickname "Hakmishvili" - "son of the wise" in Georgian) and Leah Yosef, whose family took a considerable part in the redemption of land in Jerusalem. .
18x22 cm.