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Kli Yokor Lublin 1602. First Edition!

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Kli Yokor Lublin 1602. First Edition!
First edition of the classic commentary on the weekly Torah portions by R. Shlomo Ephraim Lunshytz.
Received to tremendous acclaim, it became an inseparable part of the learning of Chumash and has been reprinted tens of times.
R. Shlomo Ephraim (niftar 1619), was born in Lunshytz and studied under the Ma’HaRSHaL. He served as Rav in Yaroslov and later in Lvov. In 1604, he was invited to Prague to assist the famed MaHarAL and eventually succeeded him as Rav and Rosh Yeshiva. He was famous for his fiery Derashos which stirred the hearts of his listeners. He authored various important seforim, most notably his classic commentary on Chumash Kli Yokor, beloved by both scholars and laymen.
Vinograd Prague 79. Kalonimus Yaffe press. 153 pages. 28.5 cm. Overall good condition. Staining and restoration on the title page (slightly affecting text) and light staining throughout. Some repairs to the margins of last few pages. Modern half-leather binding.
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