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Sep 11, 2019
Beit HaShenhav 12, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem, Israel

Religious articles, Letters from Tzadikim from previous generations , Hasidic books from first print, attributed copies and discoveries from the extermination camps in Europe.

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LOT 2:

Long letter from the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Hirsch Mannheimer the 'Ein HaBedolach', in it he discusses the Kashrut ...

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Long letter from the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Hirsch Mannheimer the 'Ein HaBedolach', in it he discusses the Kashrut of a Daayan that was discqaulified by the Hrh"k the 'Kedushat Yom Tov' of Sighet.
Long letter about the laws of actual Chalitza, by the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Hirsch Mannheimer, elite disciple of the Chasam Sofer, author of Ein HaBedolach ab"d Werbau and Ungvar, Posek and leader of the Orthodox Jewish community in Hungary. 

The letter was written to the Dayan of Ungvar 'the famous Rav in Torah and Fear of Heaven Rabbi Chaim Yosef Schwartz Dome"tz here.'
At the back of the letter the recipient wrote 'This was sent to me regarding the chalitza by the unqualified Daayan.
The known Dayan, was unqualified by Moron Hrh"k the 'Kedushat Yom Tov' of Sighet, after rumors of transgressions about him. 
Although, on the letter, the famous Gaon ab"d of Ungvar and author of Ein HaBedolach' claimed that the ruling the Kedushat Yom Tov disqualified the Dayan, even though he did not receive witness, his intention was only to disqualify him from being permanent Dayan and Rav in the community, which can be problematic to the people of the community.
Though he is acceptable, as temporary, and of course for chalitza which can be done by laymen too, and there is no need for another chalitza.

24x30 cm. folded page. 14 rows. Very good condition.

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Mannheimer [1814-1886] was the rabbi of Werbau and Ungvar and leader of the Orthodox Jewish community in Hungary. He was an elite disciple of the Chatam Sofer, renowned as a genius from a young age.
After he learned by great geonim Rabbi Yaakov Kopel Charif and Rabbi Binyamin Zev Lev, before he was even thirteen, he was accepted to the Chatam Sofer's yeshivah, where  proficient older students studied.  
At the beginning of his Rabbanut he served as Rav in Shutelsdorf and after there he was Rav in the big city of Werbau, there he served in Rabbanut and established a very large Yeshiva. In the year 1871 he was appointed as Rav of the city of Ungvar in place of Rabbi Menachem A"sh. Although he conducted himself according to Ashkenazi Rabbanim, he was very accepted by the righteous of Chassidut who accorded him much praise. Many of Hungarien Rabbanim amongst them great sages from the following generation, learned in his Yeshivot in Wervau and Ungvar.
From the known disciples, the 'Maasei L'Melech' Rabbi Yeshaye Silbertein, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Zonnenfeld Chief Rabbi of Isreal, Rabbi Yosef Elimelech Kehana and many more.

Engraved on his grave:
מצבת קבורת
שר וגדול בישראל
אבי הרועים
הארז אשר בלבנון
גאון עולם וצדיק נשגב
מו"ה חיים צבי מאנהיימער
אב"ד ור"מ בקהלתנו
בן מו"ה דוד יהודה זצ"ל
חיילים הגביר וגבורתו הראה בתורת אל
ידיו היו אמונה ורועה אבן ישראל
ישרו ואמתו וצדקתו כהררי אל
מוסר ה' ותוכחתו למד לבני ישראל
צאנו צאן קדשים נהל על מי התורה
בחכמה הנהיגם ופתח למו שערי אורה
יתענג בצל שדי על כנפי איום ונורא
עלתה נשמתו שמים ליל י"ז תמוז תרמ"ו לפ"ק
ת. נ. צ. ב. ה.

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