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The pioneer pin - a pin that shows a relief of a man - plowed earth worker with two bulls.

 At the bottom is the caption: "The Pioneer" and David's shields on both sides of the caption,

 On the right side is the illustrator's name, S. Kretzmer. Diameter: 20 mm

 The pioneer, was a global Zionist movement of young Jews who organized for immigration to Palestine.

 Beginning with spontaneous organizations in the 1880s, it operated until the Holocaust.

 Members of the pioneers who belonged to diverse Zionist youth movements were at the forefront of immigration and settlement in Eretz Israel and Jewish protection in the Diaspora, including in the ghettos where Jews were assembled during World War II.

 Samuel Kertzmer (1972-1891), Bezalel artist. Born in Poland, immigrated to Israel in 1912, settled in Jerusalem, accepted to Bezalel, where he studied painting and sink and began moving as an artist's engraver. Established an artistic workshop for seals and development.

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