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Soldiers Praying on Yom Kippur 1871 – Metz – Cloth Printing

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Soldiers Praying on Yom Kippur 1871 – Metz – Cloth Printing
Black and red printing on cotton cloth, for hanging on a wall. Germany, c. 1880.
In the center of the printing, we see a large group of soldiers praying around a bima, in the Franco-Prussian War. Inscription on bottom: Yom Kippur services, 1871, in the camp overlooking Metz".
In the four corners, there is a German song, and on top – words in Hebrew from the liturgy: "We all have one Father, One G-d Who created us", and pictures of angels.
Hebrew and German.
Approx. 68x65 cm, in a wooden frame of 75.5x79. Fair condition. Sewn onto cloth. Slightly torn at edges, stained in the center and on top. Not checked out of frame.