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LOT 2:

"The State of Israel was established. The vision that Herzl envisioned was fulfilled ... '- a thrilling letter by ...

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"The State of Israel was established. The vision that Herzl envisioned was fulfilled ... '- a thrilling letter by Yehuda Naor during his stay in the Gilgil detention camp, with the news that the State of Israel had been established. 8 Iyar 1948

A historical letter in Yehuda Naor's handwriting to his wife, the Etzel member, and later Knesset member Esther Raziel-Naor, who was detained at the Gilgil camp with the announcement of the establishment of the State of Israel, 1948.

In the title of the historical letter, Naor chose to write: "The Citizens' Camp of the State of Israel in Exile and Detention Gilgil-Kenya, 8 Iyar 1948".

'... The State of Israel was established. The vision that Herzl envisioned and in the ways that our Betar and David leaders realized (meaning David Raziel, commander of the Irgun, the brother-in-law of the writer who was killed in Iraq on a British military mission), Learned and fulfilled them as long as they lived 'in blood and fire Judah fell - and in blood and fire Judah arose' ... My feelings and emotions are enormous and I can not imagine that there is no certainty that you will reach your precious hands to express them ... Throughout the day, next to the radio ... I can hear the broadcasts of the Haganah ... and the organization's radio, Menachem Begin organization. It is impossible to describe what was done after the announcer announced that the commander would now speak for himself. The absorption was difficult, and therefore one person lay on top of the other, not missing one word. Tears stood in the eyes of all the boys in excitement at his clear, strong, strong voice. His words to the mother of the Hebrews influenced me especially, how great is this man and how he understands the heart and soul of man ... '

Yehuda continues to describe the change in the status of the camp residents from disenfranchised detainees to free people who are citizens of an independent state: "In the camp there is no study, everyone is ready to go and wait for the date of the Redeemer. Relations with the administration at the moment are not very regular. And this is because we are now citizens of the free State of Israel, and they have no legal right to keep us closed now. And so we immediately removed the fuses and bolts from the windows and handed them over to them ... '.

In addition, Yehuda added as to what was expected in the matter of their arrival in Israel: There was also a meeting between the camp administration and the Minister of Justice and the British government ... After the conversation, the minister stated in writing that at the latest we would leave Kenya on June 15 ... It is possible that this date is because Egypt declared war and it will be difficult to cross the canal and therefore we will probably fly in the air ... Naor concludes: "We are all waiting for good news from Israel and believing in the strength of the Hebrew youth, which is unlike any other in the world," and concludes with a deep emotional description of his longing for his wife (whom he calls in a letter 'My daughter'): "For almost four and a half years I have been dreaming of you and of the day of our meeting in which we will begin again in the fabric of the dream of our lives ...".

Yehuda Naor, husband of Etzel headquarters member and later MK Esther Raziel Naor, was caught by the British police on March 4, 1944, when a radio transmitter was found in her house, and after two months of interrogation Esther Naor was brought to the women's prison in Bethlehem. Her husband, Yehuda, was taken to Aco prison and from there he was deported to the Gilgil camp in Africa where he spent four and a half years until the establishment of the State of Israel.

[2] leaves. In his handwriting. Folding marks. Very fine condition.

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