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Souvenir postcards from the exhibition "Der Ewige Jude" - Munich, Berlin 1937 - Anti-Nazi writing

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Souvenir postcards from the exhibition "Der Ewige Jude" - Munich, Berlin 1937 - Anti-Nazi writing

6 souvenir postcards from the antisemitic exhibition "Der Ewige Jude" ["The Eternal Jew."] Munich and Berlin, 1937. All of them include "Der Ewige Jude" Stamps from the exhibition and stamps of the German Reich.

Among the postcards: A rare postcard in itself showing German athletes from the German Reich. On the back was written in pencil: 'Der Zutritt zu den Juden ist verboten, also nahmen wir Helen und bekamen die Karte. Tod dem Führer'  [German]. In free translation: 'Entry to Jews is forbidden, so we took Helen (or Glenn) and got the ticket, Death to the Fiihrer!' (It was not clear who 'Helen', or 'Glenn', was. perhaps, a German-looking Jew, And the words "we received the card" did not find out whether the intention is an entry ticket for the exhibition, or it is the postcard before us which the writer calls 'card'). also apears a postcard with image of Adolf Hitler, and more.

The antisemitic exhibition "The Eternal Jew," sponsored by the Propaganda Ministry of the Nazi Party, was exhibited in Munich in November 1937 - January 1938, in the German Museum Library. The exhibition was later exhibited in Vienna and Berlin (November 1938 - January 1939) and soon became the largest exhibition of anti-Jewish exhibitions in the years before World War II. The exhibition featured large models of Jewish body parts: "Jewish eyes ..., Jewish nose, Jewish mouth, lips, huge photographs of physical faces and gestures" characteristic of a race, "or, for example, grotesque political figures such as Leo Trotsky. The most repulsive. "[From the Nazi SOPAD report written several weeks after the exhibition opened].

When its arrived in Vienna, the exhibition was displayed in the main hall of the Northwest Railway Station. The opening ceremony was held on August 2 under the auspices of the Gauleiter Odilo Globocnik and the Reich governor Arthur Suss-Inquart. "The choice of the main hall of the railway station to the venue of the exhibition was influenced mainly by the fact that the Jews of Eastern Europe had migrated to the same railway line and dug in Leopoldstadt and Brigitnau, There is therefore more than a symbolic meaning in that the display of the "Eternal Jew" at the entrance to that station is above those two quarters". 

Attached an envelope signed by the "Eternal Jew" exhibition held in Vienna in 1938.

Size: 10x15 cm and 9x14 cm. Very fine condition.

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