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LOT 36:

Two issues of Le Petit Journal - The Dreyfus Affair - The humiliation sheet, and the pardon sheet

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The two issues of the Le Petit Journal date from the peak of the Dreyfus Affair, the accusation and humiliation - 1895, the release and pardon - 1899. The edition that was actually the illustrated supplement to the Paris daily 'Le Petit Journal' was one of Alfred Dreyfus' staunch opponents. On the first and last pages of each issue, color illustrations were published, which describe the events of the affair.

* The issue of January 13, 1895 appears on the cover of the title page The historical scene is most famous in the Dreyfus Affair - the public humiliation ceremony - breaking the sword and removing the ranks of Dreyfus after he was convicted of treason in the homeland - a colorful illustration by the illustrator Henry Meyer (1844-1899). Before breaking the sword they marched him around the parade ground of the Ecole Militaire courtyard across units of the Paris garrison. At the same time the crowd cried out: 'Death to the traitor! kill him! Dirty Jew! Judas Iscariot!'. Before the ceremony, the army broke Dreyfus' sword to prevent mishaps during the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, Dreyfus was driven to the prison where he sat until he was sent to the Devil's Island.

* A volume dated July 16, 1899, showing a colored illustration by Lomblans describing the departure of Dreyfus from prison for the retrial in Bern, where Dreyfus was found guilty of treason, but this time under extenuating circumstances and was sentenced to ten years in prison. A year later, Dreyfus was awarded the final pardon, two days later the Minister of War Gaiepa issued a decree: "The affair is over."

The same size: 44x30 cm. Overall condition: fine-very fine.

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