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LOT 5:

David Ben-Gurion marvel when, in the middle of Yom Kippur, the "Mi Shevrach" blessing was held in honor of his 80th ...

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David Ben-Gurion marvel when, in the middle of Yom Kippur, the "Mi Shevrach" blessing was held in honor of his 80th birthday - two letters by David Ben-Gurion. October 1966

"I was particularly thrilled by the story of the Emmanuel harussi  ... that the work of my empowerment and redemption has not yet been completed ... and each one of us old and young, will take another great and long effort to fortify our independence ..." - two important letters in his handwriting and signature of David Ben. October 1966.

"To Yaakov Guthertz, Greetings.
The well-known author Emmanuel harussi wrote to me that When you went up to the Torah on Last Yom Kippur, and when you had finished your blessing, you added for me the 'mi sheberach' blessing for my 80th birthday. I have received thousands of greetings from all over Israel and the Diaspora, and I do not say that these blessings were easy for me. I was happy for every blessing and blessing I received - but I was especially impressed by the story of Emmanuel harussi. I send you my deep appreciation and my sincere blessing that you will be pleased with your child and your grandchildren and will succeed in raising them to Torah and good deeds . That the work of my strength and redemption is yet to be completed, and that the work is still long before us, and every one of us, old and young, will need another great effort to fortify our independence and complete the ingathering of the exiles and making Israel worthy of the prophecy prophesied by yeshaiah ben Amotz..." Ben Gurion. Nof Yam neighborhood" .

Two unusual letters that reveal unknown layers in Ben-Gurion's personality. The two letters, on the same subject ['continuation' letters] are addressed to the writer and Zionist activist Haganah member - Immanuel harussi [1903-1979]. In one letter, Ben-Gurion comments that he is enclosing other letter he sent to Yaakov Gothertz When he heard the story, he stood up to greet him with the blessing of Mi Shevrech on the occasion of Ben-Gurion's 80th birthday, His ascension to the Torah on the very day of Yom Kippur against a respectable contribution and add he is especially grateful to the Emanuel harussi for his effort to tell him about Gothertz's " His very esteemed deed." In his second letter, which is actually a copy of the letter he sent to Gutthertz, Ben-Gurion expresses his admiration and gratitude to Yaakov Gothertz for his deed, and adds to his blessing that he will be able to raise his children and grandchildren to Torah and good deeds and adds words of vision that begin with the singular: 'The work of my empowerment and redemption is yet to be completed' In light of yeshaiah ben Amotz's prophecy regarding the fortification of Israel's independence and the completion of the ingathering of the exiles.

Ben-Gurion's 80th birthday was a very important event in Israeli public life. Apart from the blessings he received from all over the Israeli spectrum, there were also many who came to visit him and wish him the blessing of Mazal Tov in his home. In particular, the photograph was published in which the chief of staff at the time, Yitzhak Rabin, arrived at his home in Sde Boker to congratulate him on the occasion.

[2] leaves. Both written and signed by Ben-Gurion. Attached is the original envelope in which the letters were sent to Mr. Emanuel harussi. Very fine condition.

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