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LOT 25:

German and Yiddish passport - Lithuania under German occupation, 1918

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Pass [passport]. A Jewish passport issued by the Gebiet des Oberbefehlshabers Ost [German administration in Ober-Ost] at the end of the First World War, with ink stamps "Verwaltungsgebiet Litauen" - the administration in Lithuania, and handwritten details.

The passport contains a photograph of the owner - from the city of Wilkomierz [Vilkomir. Today, Okamerga, Lithuania, on the banks of the river in Bentoi, northwest of the capital, Vilna. Before the outbreak of the war, the city numbered some 10,000 Jews who had extensive commercial activity there], a fingerprint, and ink stamps of the director in Lithuania. The details were filled out on September 2, 1918.

The passport was issued by the German government in the territories occupied by Germany temporarily in the First World War [including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and territories from Poland and Korland]. The sections in which Yiddish and German. Among the provisions of the regulations are punishments ranging from five to ten years for a person who is found without a passport, a forged passport, etc. As well as penalties for a person who will not announce the loss of his passport within 24 hours.

[4] leaves. 15 cm. few stains, fine condition.