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Altneuland - Early American Unknown Edition - Yiddish

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Altneiland, Roman von Tahadar Herzl [Altneuland, novel by Theodore Herzl]. translation by Isidor (Israel) Elyashiv, ["Baal Machshuvot"], published by the Hebrew Publishing Campany, Brooklyn. year is not mentioned, 1900s.

Early Yiddish translation of Theodor Herzl's utopian novel, "Altneuland" [First American edition?], published by the Hebrew Publishing Campani. The well-known edition of the Hebrew Publishing company is a short 286-page edition. This is a full and unknown edition of 488 pages parallel to the number pages of the Yiddish translation that published in Warsaw in 1902. It is possible that before us the first American Yiddish edition of the book. we can find various handwritten instructions for erasing entire sections of the book, apparently for the shortened  known edition.

Through the Altneuland plot, Herzl describes his vision of the future Jewish state in the Land of Israel. The book was published several years after the publication of Herzl's book "The Jewish State" and after his visit to Eretz Israel. In the same year in which it was published, Altneuland was translated into Yiddish and Hebrew. At Herzl's personal request, the translation of the book into Yiddish was made by the publicist, editor and literary critic Isidor elyashiv.

Rare edition, possibly a single copy in the world. Unknown in the bibliography, not registered on OCLC. This edition does not appear in the National Library.

488 pages. Cover partly detached. Minor tears to title page. fine condition.