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LOTE 3601:

Ancient Greek Coins - Thrace - Mesembria - Ancient Imitation of Athena Alkidemos Bronze

Precio inicial:
£ 1
Precio estimado:
$20 - $30
Comisión de la casa de subasta: 30%
IVA: 8.875% Sólo en comisión

400-350 BC
Obv: diademed female head right. Rev: METAM-BRIANWN to left and right of Athena Alkidemos walking left, brandishing a spear and holding shield. 6.55 grams. Very fine. [No Reserve]
Copying BMC 8-10; SNG Cop. 661; SNG Greece 227; SNG Black Sea 284-285; Moushmov 3978.
The obverse is poorly engraved, and Athena to the reverse is like a stick figure, with little detail.