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LOT 2969:

Grand Tour Neo-Hittite Relief Panel

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$700 - $900
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19th-early 20th century AD
A substantial cast bronze rectangular panel after the Neo-Hittite rock relief at İvriz, southern Turkey, depicting King Warpalawas (circa 730-710 BC) worshipping the weather-god Tarhunzas; the bearded king in ankle-length robe on a dais with steps to the rear; the oversized god wearing short boots and a thigh-length robe, vine across the left shoulder with pendant bunches of grapes, club(?) in the left hand. 10.1 kg, 22.5 x 26cm (8 3/4 x 10 1/4"). Fine condition.
Property of a London gentleman; acquired by the mother of the previous owner in the Basta Market, Beruit, Lebanon, in 1968.
The rock-relief is located on a vertical rock face at the source of the river İvriz Suyu, of which the flow of water has damaged the relief. Warpalawas was king of Tabal in south-central Anatolia (modern Turkey). He is probably to be identified with the ruler 'Urballa', mentioned in Assyrian texts from the reign of Tiglath-pileser III and Sargon II. Tarhunzas was the weather god and chief god of the Luwians of southern central Turkey in the Bronze and early Iron Age. He may be identified with the Hittite god Tarḫunna and the Hurrian god Teshub.

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