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LOT 39:

Ya'aros Devash. Both Volumes. First Edition. Karlsruhe 1779-1782.

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First edition of the Ya’aros Devash, which includes 36 sermons and eulogies by R. Yonason Eibeshitz. With 2 important approbations from the Sha’agas Aryeh among others. The Ya’aros Devash is a preeminent sefer “Drush”, beloved by both scholars and laymen.
R. Yonason Eibeshitz (1690-1764), was born in Cracow and was famous as a child prodigy. He served as Dayan in Prague and later as Rav of the three joint communities of Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbeck. He authored many important seforim, including Kraisi U’Plaisi on the Shulchon Oruch Yoreh Deah and Urim V’Tumim on Choshen Mishpat.
Vinograd Karlsruhe 16, 18. Volume 1: [4], 116 pages. 21.5 cm. Volume 2: [4], 116 pages. 20.5 cm. Overall fine condition. Some staining with a few small holes. Vol 1 modern binding, Vol 2 antique binding (loose).
Opening bid $500

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