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Kol Kore Hoda’a Geluya. Announcement by Rabbi ...

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Kol Kore Hoda’a Geluya. Announcement by Rabbi Chaim Yoseph Maman, Rosh Av Beth Din of Oran, prohibiting the use of a “cylinderic millstone” to grind wheat for Passover.
Printed Broadside. Hebrew text. With endorsements by numerous Rabbis in Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed, Gibraltar, Tangier, Fez, Casablanca, Aleppo, etc. With stamps of the Oran rabbinic authorities. One page. Folio. S. Vanunu, Arzei HaLevanon (2006) Vol. I, p. 670.

Oran : 1912.

The Rabbi of this Algerian coastal city was concerned about the Halachic ramifications of wheat intended for Matza being processed through a rapidly spinning cylinder. A number of works concerning this issue were published including Kol Tachana Vekol Techina (Jerusalem, 1912) by R. Raphael Chaim Moshe ibn Naim of Gibraltar, who here supported Rabbi Maman.