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Abraham Jacob Gershon Lesser. Be’Achrith HaYamim - ...

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Abraham Jacob Gershon Lesser. Be’Achrith HaYamim - In the Last Days. A Dialogue Between Father and Son Concerning the Hope of Israel.

FIRST EDITION. Text in Hebrew and English, translated by H. Eliassof. pp. 10, 37 + xiii, 61. Lightly browned. Later boards with original printed wrappers bound in. Sm. 4to. Goldman, Hebrew Printing in America no. 943.

Chicago: N. Gonsior, 1897.

Based upon traditional Jewish sources, this treatise was written at the behest of the American Christian Zionist William E. Blackstone and intended as a proto-Zionist petition for presentation to the President of the United States.
     Born in Mir, in whose famed yeshiva he studied, Abraham Jacob Gershon Lesser (1834-1925) was one of America’s great early rabbis following his arrival in 1880. See Abraham Jacob Gershon Lesser, by J. Isaacs, in: L. Jung (Ed.) Guardians of Our Heritage pp. 345-59; and S.N. Gottlieb, Oholei Shem, p. 309.