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Rev. Samuel Myer Isaacs. Autograph Letter Signed ...

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Rev. Samuel Myer Isaacs. Autograph Letter Signed, written in English (with three words in Hebrew) to Sir Moses Montefiore. Sending funds from his Congregation, Shaaray Tefillah of New York, “for the poor of the Holy Land.”
Also inquires about charitable funds that he had previously transmitted on behalf of Jews in New Orleans and New Haven, Isaacs is concerned that proper acknowledgment is received so that that he can in turn reassure his donors. Isaacs also notes “I have traveled more than 2000 miles to consecrate another Shrine to the Law of Israel.” Two pages, with integral autograph address panel. Underlinings in red. Sir Moses’ secretarial notes alongside. Small punch-holes, small tear on blank, central fold separated. 4to.

New York: 22nd Tammuz, 1851.