Selections from The Valmadonna Trust Library: Highly Important Hebrew Printed Books
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Hebrew. Five Scrolls & Haphtaroth). Chamesh ...

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Hebrew. Five Scrolls & Haphtaroth). Chamesh Megiloth - Haphtaroth mikol HaShanah.
With Targum Onkelos (Targum Sheni on Esther) and Rashi.
* Bound with: Aaron Pesaro. Sepher Toldoth Aharon.
Finely bound: 17th-century calf, spine in compartments, elaborately gilt. Lacking Chumash, ff. 697-827, (1); 87. Foxed, censored in places, previous owner’s marks. Solander-box. Lg. 8vo. Vinograd, Venice 740, 767; not in Darlow & Moule.

Asher Parenzo for Giovanni di Gara, Venice: 1590-91.