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Akeidath Yitzchak [philosophical and allegorical ...

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Akeidath Yitzchak [philosophical and allegorical homilies to the Pentateuch and Five Megiloth].
First Edition with commentary to the Five Scrolls. Title within woodcut architectural arch. First words of Genesis and Exodus in white within arabesques. ff. 308, 12. Browned and stained in places. Modern calf. Tall folio. Vinograd, Venice 587.

Giovanni di Gara, Venice: 1573.

Affectionately known as the “Ba’al Akeidah,” Isaac Arama’s work has been consistently quoted and utilized until the present day. The author’s great popularity stems from his stylistic combination of the Aschkenazic moralizing style with the philosophic tendency popular among Spanish and Provencal Jews. The title of the work, “Binding of Isaac,” refers to the successful binding and connecting of the two forms of homiletics: “Derishah” and “Perishah.” See I. Rivkind, Kiryat Sepher, vol. II p. 60.